About Us...

Where We Came From

The group Arranmore takes its name after an island off the Northwest coast of Donegal in Ireland. Although it started out as what can be best described an Irish pub band, over the last 15 years the group has evolved into what is better described as an Americana/Folk/Celtic music-influenced act.

The roots of the music Arranmore performs today certainly can be traced back to Ireland. But, they also can be found in the hills of Appalachia, the early "dust bowls" of the American west, the long ago weekend music that filled the Ryman Auditorium in Tennessee, as well as the gospel revival tents of America's south. The group is, in the truest sense of the definition, a "musical melting pot." Arranmore's live performance bursts forth with all these elements to cover the wide base of music preference their audience brings to the show. The group enjoys this musical diversity, and has long felt that by mixing all these music styles, they are in fact bringing an awareness of their Irish roots to a much larger, broader-range audience.

Arranmore has released several CDs all to critical acclaim. Their current CD "The Collection" is a retrospective of many of the group's best and most requested songs. Their CDs can be heard on many fine Folk/Americana/Country music radio shows both in the U.S. and Europe. Their new documentary/performance DVD "One Night" has been receiving rave reviews.

Arranmore is based in the Chicago metropolitan area. They can found frequently appearing in theater concerts, or at town festivals, private functions and selected Irish events. Arranmore is continually working on new material for their shows, sometimes adding and changing personnel as necessary to meet the goal of bringing new ideas and songs to their audience. Of course, several of the members have been with the act for overĀ 20 years now. It is the never-ending challenge of positive change that Arranmore likes to say, "keeps us on our toes."

Yes, after all these years the story of Arranmore continues.